Mindfulness: Intentional Wellness

Mindfulness: Intentional Wellness

Mindfulness. These are your intentional wellness opportunities to reset, recharge & reconnect.
Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong & Community Conversations.

Mindfulness: Intentional Wellness
  • Goddess Activation Meditation

  • 11-Minute Guided Meditation

  • Part 1: Qi Gong Interview | Healing Journey

    Part 1: The Healing Journey. This dynamic discussion is intended to help, heal and unite humanity as we raise our collective vibration. Enjoy hearing Brooke Burke’s inspiring story about discovering energy practices and the solutions that she has learned through these modalities.

  • Part 2: Qi Gong Interview | Creating Harmony

    Part 2: Creating Harmony. This segment reminds us how important it is to slow down and find harmony amongst the chaos. Enjoy this light-hearted conversation about how to reconnect, recharge and recalibrate so that we can enrich all areas of our lives and feel more personal freedom.

  • Part 3: Qi Gong Interview | Energy Management

    Enjoy this eye-opening discussion about the benefits of learning how to modulate your energetic field. This is an important conversation about the potential of humanity and the imperative need to educate our children so that they can have more freedom, peace and self-love.

  • Part 4: Qi Gong Interview | Moving Meditation

    Part 4: Enjoy this discussion about the practice of Qi Gong, which is a moving meditation that benefits your mind, body and soul. This video will give you a better understanding of the art and science of the practice, as well as more awareness of how it can improve your life.

  • Qi Gong Introduction

    Enjoy a sneak peak into the ancient practice of Qi Gong, meaning energy mastery. Learn about the exponential benefits of these practical techniques, such as raising your vibration, awakening your body, accessing the flow state and improving your health.

  • Qi Gong | Energy Reset

    In this short routine you will learn how to activate energy points in your hands, utilize the power of your breath, clear your mind and drive more energy to your center. This is a practical routine that can be implemented while at the office, in a wheelchair, on a park bench or even while watchin...

  • Qi Gong | 8-Minute Recharge

    In this short routine, you will clear lines of tension in the body, drive more energy to your brain and increase mind and heart coherence. Sense and feel the quantum field as you learn how to create conscious waves of electromagnetic energy and magnetize your intentions.

  • Qi Gong | 8-Minute Activation

    In this short routine you will supercharge your body, convert your stress into invigorating energy, calm your mind and increase your magnetism. Learn how to quickly harmonize with the rhythm of nature as you activate more life force energy and elevate your emotional state.

  • Qi Gong | Energy Mastery for Freedom

    Energy Mastery for Freedom: Enjoy this full energy mastery routine to manifest freedom in your mind, body, soul and life. Activate your energy field, recharge your inner reality, harmonize your mind and experience the flow state—as you upgrade your personal narrative.

  • Breathwork | How To & What To Expect + The Practice

  • Breathwork | The Practice

  • Guided Meditation for Self-Care | Dear Self by Brooke Burke

  • Yoga Meditation w/ Rick Shugarman