Summer Slim Down 2018

Summer Slim Down 2018

Here it is! Your 2018 Summer Slim Down! Let's crush it!

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Summer Slim Down 2018
  • Day 25 - Total Body

    Almost there! Today we start with a longer stretch before a total body burn!

  • Day 26 - Total Body

    We started with this workout, now let’s show it who’s boss! Crush this total body burn!

  • Day 27 - Legs & Abs

    Let’s work on those long lean legs and sexy core with today’s leg and ab burn!

  • Day 28 - Total Body

    Day 28!!! Crush this HIIT Fat Blaster total body workout and CELEBRATE! YOU DID IT!

  • The Brooke & Jorge Show: The Cruise Control Diet

    Brooke & Jorge Cruise go over Jorge's Cruise Control nutrition plan for the Summer Slim Down. Jorge explains the concept of intermittent fasting behind the Cruise Control Diet, how it burns fat and makes your body a fat-burning machine!